Cursed Images, 2018. [ongoing]
Acrylic on canvas. 15 x 15 cm.

There are currently sixteen paintings. The amount will grow periodically

Cursed Images is a series of black and white paintings made off the cuff with no planning or preparation beforehand. The title of the series borrows its name from an internet meme in which pictures that are unusual, whether from poor quality or absurd, creepy, or illogical content are tagged with the term β€œCursed Image”. The paintings in this series contain no color, their size is limited, and they are representational of something that may or may not have ever existed. Their titles are the same, borrowing from phrases or whatever comes to mind. Everything is loose, awkward, and subjective.

Images 001 - 004.


001: I Don’t believe You
002: He Said there were pills on the pizza.
003: For Better Or Worse